Get to market quicker with robust and reliable lighting control firmware

With our qualified Bluetooth mesh stack and flexible lighting firmware packages, you can easily incorporate Bluetooth mesh technology into your products. Optimized for professional applications, our lighting models support sensor and switch-based lighting functionalities and basic to advanced lighting control scenarios. To facilitate the integration process, we also provide a set of dedicated testing and manufacturing tools.

Silvair gives component manufacturers a head start with a ready-to-use wireless technology, the shortest time to market, and guaranteed compliance with the Bluetooth mesh networking specification.



Different products, one global standard

Our firmware solutions are compliant with the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard and ready for integration with a variety of LED lighting and sensor devices.


LED drivers

Dimming switches

Integrated LED engines

Fixture controllers

Multisensors with fixture controllers

Firmware packages

Our lighting firmware packages enable manufacturers to design and build a full range of smart lighting products with simple to complex features and capabilities. You can flexibly implement specific features in accordance with your product requirements and customers’ needs.

  • manual control with wireless switches/dimmers

  • sensor-based automation

  • code-compliant occupancy detection

  • customizable daylight harvesting scenarios


A full-stack platform for all your lighting needs

To let your customers unleash the full potential of connected lighting products based on Bluetooth mesh, we have developed a full-stack lighting control platform. It includes a complete set of advanced commissioning, maintenance and management tools, while also laying infrastructure for value-added IoT services.


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