Component Manufacturers

Silvair gives component manufacturers a head start with a ready-to-use wireless technology, the shortest time to market, and guaranteed compliance with the Bluetooth mesh specification. Quickly evaluate the outstanding capabilities of our firmware solutions for lighting control and join the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh ecosystem!




Different products, one global standard

Our firmware solutions can be implemented into a variety of LED lighting and sensor components. With Bluetooth’s cross-vendor interoperability, they can all work in concert to enable robust and energy-efficient connected lighting systems.


LED drivers

Dimming switches

Integrated LED engines

Fixture controllers

Multisensors with
fixture controllers


Silvair Firmware

Learn more about our flexible firmware packages for plug-and-play integration with LED lighting and sensor components.


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Complex technology, simple integration

We support our partners throughout the entire wireless technology integration process.
This allows them to get to market quicker and at a lower cost.


1. Test

Let us introduce you to the first low-power wireless technology optimized for professional lighting applications. We’ve developed the Silvair Lighting Evaluation Kit, a modular development kit which contains a number of components that allow you to easily test the capabilities of our Bluetooth mesh stack.


2. Prototype

The Silvair Lighting Evaluation Kit can also be conveniently integrated with your lighting products in order to verify how they perform in a Bluetooth mesh network. We provide a dedicated firmware configuration app that can be used to adjust the parameters of our software solutions during the technology evaluation process.


3. Qualify

Our Bluetooth mesh stack is already qualified, which confirms its full compliance with the Bluetooth mesh networking specification. This means you won’t have to go through the full qualification procedure when commercializing your products. The process is shortened significantly, enabling you to get to market quicker.


4. Manufacture

To support you at the product development and manufacturing stage, we provide the Silvair Manufacturing and Testing Environment (MATE). It is a system that allows you to conveniently download our core Bluetooth mesh networking stack, as well as program, configure and activate lighting model firmware required for your product.


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